Many More Scarves, and Fabulous Flocks of Flamingos & FlaminGHOSTS

Our team can create custom designs to order (8" x 54" - $22  or  11" x 60" - $27, or small purse or doll scarf $14), or set you up with a scarf-painting (8" x 54" scarf) workshop for $30 per person (or $40 per person with refreshments included) so you can create your own masterpiece with our guidance.

Flamingo flockings are delighting the neighborhood! Send a standard or mixed flock to a friend: 

Our troop's flamingo-flocking services... 15 birds for $15, 30 birds for $30, or 50 birds for $50.

And.. new Halloween flamingos, or FlaminGHOSTS or skelemingos... a flock of 10 birds for $15, or a mixed flock of 10 skeles and 10 pinks for $25.